The Warehouse on Garfield Artists Studios

Location: 625 Garfield St. Lafayette, LA

Open Saturday, November 23rd, 10am-5pm & Sunday November 24th, 12pm-5pm 2019

Chris Pavlik 

  • I paint ghost stories: the parts of the landscape that are haunted by animal memories, the places that people have possessed with past spirits. My work is done with acrylics, and bear such titles as “Hiding in the Water,” “A Man, His Head, the Clouds,” and “Breading Ground of Ancients.”


Herb Roe - ChromeSun Productions

  • I have produced a series of oil paintings, graphite drawings and linoleum block prints exploring life in Acadiana, using classical European methods. Much of my work focuses on traditional Cajun activities such as boucheries, courir de mardi gras, and the food and music of the Acadiana region.

  • 337-591-4978


Robert Dafford   

  • I am a nationally known public artist based in Lafayette. I have painted over four hundred murals in the US and elsewhere. I also paint interiors and individual artworks. 


Jeff Fuchs -

​After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from ULL in 1984, I ended up in a non-art-related career, and I'm only now returning to the art world after retiring. My passion is the human form, but in recent years I've branched into iconography of commonplace things, such as mechanical items, or even household pests. My figurative work tends to be drawn, while my non-figurative pieces tend to be painted in oils. I don't know why. This is where my art has led, and for me, the medium seems to fit the subject matter.  

Trudie Wolking -

  •  Trudie Wolking is a mixed media artist primarily working with encaustic medium. She uses archival inks on Japanese Kozo paper and a variety of mark making tools, many of which are handmade. The papers are mounted to cradled wood panels. Trudie slowly adds layer upon layer of molten wax, building up the surface creating visual depth. Color is ancemotional element in her paintings, it can be bold or subtle creating one of a kind works of art.