Simone Little

Location: 441 Butterfly Road, Morse, LA


Open Saturday, November 23rd, 10am-5pm & Sunday November 24th, 12pm-5pm 2019

 Simone Little


Simone Little Fine Art Gallery and Studio


Simone is an artist and teacher. Her studio is nestled in a coastal prairie setting near Bayou Queue de Tortue;  featuring her work includes blown glass sculpture, beads and lamp work,  paintings, photography, hand painted silks, collage, monoprints, multimedia shadow boxes, and ceramics.

Dorothy Hughes

(337) 224-5153

Pandora Images


I have happened upon an art form that excites me on a daily basis: fine art photography! My style is varied, from naturally-captured images to manipulated visions that allow my artistic juices to flow.  My work is eclectic and sometimes whimsical, but always celebrates the beauty of life.



















Harold Letz


I have always been fascinated by the coastal marshes, cheniers, and beaches of Louisiana.   My oil paintings on canvas are studies in the play of light on objects.  I use textures and value contrasts to achieve the images I create.  














Jerry Baker



Over the past 30 years I have built a multitude of items, but I get most excited about doing home decor. Fireplace accents, wall sconces, lighting fixtures, pot racks, chandeliers, and pool table lights to name a few.

I also enjoy doing tractor seat stools and do personal branded board signs. I do commission work and enjoy teaching new students the art of Blacksmithing.


Mike Leger NEW this year

Michael Leger is life long resident of the area.  I always had this interest in blacksmithing, and recently fulfilled that interest.  Being in the steel fabrication business, I wonder why I didn't start long ago. 

Four years ago, there was a smithing demo at a local farmer’s market and craft show.  I was hooked and joined the LAMA club. I am enjoying every minute. 

I practice the traditional way with coal forges and hand crank blowers, under the instruction of my dear friend and mentor, Jerry Baker. 

Although I enjoy the older techniques, there are times when modern tool and equipment are a great aid. 

After all this time, I see now how a craft person is passionate about their craft and see sculpture and art in a new light. 










Amber Flom 

‭(406) 690-5919‬

My first passion is horses, since I was a child it has been my main focus in life!  I have always loved the Western lifestyle.

I was raised on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan (Canada). We were encouraged to learn to do many different things, never to put limits on our abilities or gender!


I have never considered myself an "artsy "person, but working with my soul mate and partner Jerry Baker has made me see that maybe I do have a bit of a creative side.  I took a copper jewelry class from Patricia Wynn this summer and found I really enjoyed creating!


I have also enjoyed working on the forge and learning to make some basic items, there are no rules when it comes to using your imagination and creativity. 

Randal Dupre



My Dad & I were self-taught jewelry artists, on mostly homemade equipment. One of my sweetest memories of lapidary and metalsmithing is of my Dad picking up a 'pretty rock' off a gravel road. He took it home, cut it, polished it, and created a piece of jewelry with it for my Mom. Years later, being a 'Diamond Consultant', owning a gemstone company, and being Director of an art gallery, still don't equal that moment. A lifetime spent in the woods and bayous of Southwest Louisiana have given me a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, and I try to allow that to come out in my art.