NuNu Collective

Location: 1510 Courtableau Hwy (La. 93E) Arnaudville, La.  70512

Open Saturday, November 23rd, 10am-5pm & Sunday November 24th, 12pm-5pm 2019

George Marks

I am a multi media visual artist and social sculptor. My work is inextricably interweaves with the landscape and culture of South Louisiana . There is a reason for everything that goes into my paintings. Nothing is strictly decorative.








Larry Bourque

Larry Bourque has been a lifelong resident of Arnaudville, La. As a teenager, he did truck lettering and sign work, then attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana. He had a successful career as a carpenter and was a member of the Carpenter's Union.

After retiring, he restarted his art career working with metal, wood, marble and glass. Larry specializes in relief carvings in wood to create one-of-a-kind tables and cabinets. He designs his intricately carved pieces with the intent that each piece be handed down to future generations. 


Carole Lancon

Carole Gauthier Lancon is a longtime artist, art educator and art therapist who lives along Bayou Teche in the village of Parks LA. Currently, she concentrates on fiber, creating art quilts and traditional quilting. A perpetual student, she just returned from a retreat at the Alabama Folk School under the tutelage of two Gees Bend Quilters. She belongs to the Quilters Guild Acadienne, A & A Sewing. Enter’s Quilt Club and the Modern Quilting Guild.

Lisa Distefano

Louisiana Rural Landscapes


Peter Klubek

Peter Klubek is an artist living in Baton Rouge, and is currently the fine Arts librarian at Baton Rouge Community College.  He moved to Louisiana in 2011 and has been actively making art since graduating from the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University in 2000. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, and his work can be viewed at  His current body of work primarily revolves around faces and the perception of the painted face looking back at the observer.  

Leroy Miranda Jr

I approach my work with spontaneity, quickness, and—when I chance upon it—wit. The emotion or atmosphere of the day influences the work, and the images that result are a story of myself. Am I telling the same story over and over? Am I telling new stories? I have not figured it out exactly. But the unknown, that not knowing, is rooted in the nature of any experiment, and I am deeply interested in experimentation: how burnt paper or dirt can produce an unexpected image. What I know, for now, is that the works are both simply and not so simply works of myself, meaningless and meaningful as any emotion can be when rendered as an image.

Scott Finch

Finch's paintings feature things that you can't see and his drawings feature things you can't say. His paintings demonstrate how one can find indications of the divine by digging through the rejected or overlooked kitsch and cast off material of our culture.













John Richard

John creates art in the tradition of native American toolmakers carving from local materials including alligator jaw bones