Leslie Leonpacher Studio

Crazy Redhead Art

Location: 108 Shadyside Ave. Lafayette, La.   70506

Open Saturday, November 23rd, 10am-5pm & Sunday November 24th, 12pm-5pm 2019

Leslie Leonpacher

I’ve always loved sculpting which probably was why clay was a first love for me.  I’ve taken to a sculpting medium that takes a small bite out of the waste stream. I started from scratch, chicken scratch to be exact.  I am the artist you will see stopping her car to chase down the blowing plastic bag or the styrofoam or using the junk mail that I consider to be a free art supply delivery.  I also illustrate children’s books, keep an art journal and am writing a screenplay.  If I’m not doing that you’ll find me in the garden doing garden things. Please come visit.


Mary Atwood

Handcrafted Jewlery




Therese Bouchereau

 Therese Bouchereau, owner, designer, and artist of Killer Beads, has been in the business of creating one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry for 35 years. She uses artist-made components, gemstones, pearls, collectible vintage and antique beads and findings and so much more, creating personalized jewelry for a wide variety of tastes.  Therese has taught jewelry art for 25 years, in local bead shops, in her studio, and in the Gifted and Talented Program at UL in the summers, as well as students in her classes within Lafayette Parish Schools.  She has taught art, regular education, and special education within public schools in Lafayette and in Austin, Texas for 32 years. Now retired from teaching, Therese is a full time jewelry artist following her passion and loving it!