John Daigre Outsider Art

Location: 315 N Demanade Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70503

Open Saturday, November 23rd, 10am-5pm & Sunday November 24th, 12pm-5pm 2019

John Daigre

There would be a slim chance that a pediatrician with no training or leaning toward artistic endeavors would somehow show an interest in creating art. That chance though, began to come to life in the mid-nineties when John Daigre and his wife, Toni, were introduced into the world of southern folk art. Almost immediately, the opportunity to meet and purchase a few paintings by previously unknown folks who just picked up a brush and began to paint on found objects and virtually anything available to them, developed into a passion for collecting their artwork. 

About 5 years later, I began to dabble into the same type of artwork, feeling that 'if someone else can do it, maybe I can too'. One thing led to another, and the pleasure of creating a piece of art began to creep into my DNA. Seeing a finished product, usually in bold colors, has given me a great feeling of self-satisfaction and accomplishment.