Bruci Gauthier

Location:GPS 1105 Hebert Lane Hwy Lot 20 St. Martinville, La 70582 


between Breaux Bridge and Parks off of Hwy 31

Open Saturday, November 23rd, 10am-5pm & Sunday November 24th, 12pm-5pm 2019

Bruci Gauthier


Pastel  drawings and commissioned pet portraits

and sculpted pottery.



Cindy Killgore

A basket begins with a tiny coil called a worm. From this wee beginning an adventure unfolds. It is always a mystery story that builds until it ends. The most common questions is, 'How long did it take to make?' The answer is, 'As long as it took!' The process is time consuming, but I never watch the clock. I find the process soothing to the mind and spirit, much like meditation. The work brings a great deal of personal satisfaction and inner peace to me.



Margaret Brinkhaus

A self- taught artist, Margaret has been incorporating nature into her gourd art for years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of art and history and cultivation of gourds with guests at her studio. Her pieces are very unique and highly collectable.






Mike Flaherty

My work is influenced by ancient Chinese, Greek, Persian & Etruscan pottery and Moorish pottery and architecture. I seek to understand the creative motivations of the societies of those historic cultures; to discover what motivated the artisans of those times to create pieces that besides being functional, contained the aesthetic design elements of proportion, volume, line, form, shape and color, while oftentimes telling a story.

Emma Hughes

I use reed for most of my baskets because it is readily available, but I like to use natural materials when I have time to gather and prepare them for weaving. Natural materials are also good accent for the reed. I choose to dye the reeds I use in my baskets in order to have a wider range of color possibilities.